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Sailing in the main bay off Town Beach is well suited to the beginner and expert alike, with the opportunity to sail further a field towards Rhoscolyn in the Cymyran Bay or towards Cable Bay (Porth Trecastell) whilst still keeping Rhosneigr within sight. As an alternative, the Maelog Lake provides for the beginner an inland water sailing venue.

Access & Launching

Launching is via Town Beach in Rhosneigr, which is open, slowly shelving and sandy - launching trolleys with pneumatic wheels are advisable. With the prevailing SW wind leaving the shore is usually a reach. Trailers can be driven onto the beach via access situated at the Boat Pool end of the High Street or pulled on from Beach Road. Dinghies are generally left on the beach during the summer season with the favoured location near the Harrison Drive access. It may be necessary to move the dinghy off the beach during periods of high tides linked to storm conditions. Boats are generally best left facing the prevailing SW wind to reduce the chance of being blown over in the event of high winds. Typically in August there are 70 to 100 dinghies left on the beach. Boats range from Mirrors, GP14s, Enterprises, Laser Radials, Lasers, Wayfarers, RS 200 and trapeze boats such as the Hornet, ISO and Laser 4000, with increasing numbers of catamarans.

Access to the Maelog Lake is opposite the Maelog Lake Hotel and boats have to be pulled from the main road to the shore across the common. The lake is also used extensively to teach windsurfers. Care needs to be taken not to disturb the birds on the two islands situated towards the top end of the lake.

Sailing in the Main Bay
The main bay at Rhosneigr provides a safe sailing area with predominantly on shore winds from the SW. The bay is bounded by Town Beach, Traeth Crigyll beach and Starvation Island (Ynys Feirig). There are only a few rocks near Town Beach and Starvation Island that are covered at high water and that need to be avoided, but these are visible at low water and generally do not interfere with sailing.

Whilst there are no formal rescue facilities, the village overlooks the bay and a surprising number of eyes are watching the sailing and will call the Coastguard in the event of problems, although it is more usual for another dinghy sailor or speedboat to lend assistance particularly within the confines of the bay. For the beginner it is best only to venture into the bay when there is an onshore wind and other sailors are out on the water.

For the more adventurous and experienced sailor there is the opportunity to sail further afield to the NW into Cymaran Bay and perhaps on to Trearddur Bay or to the SW to Cable Bay and on to Aberffraw.

Dinghy Racing
During August the local boat owners club runs a series of races for dinghies. Dinghies are split into three fleets for handicap racing, slow Mirrors, medium GP14, Enterprise, Laser Radial and Fast Laser, Hornet, ISO, Laser 4000. No races are held for catamarans.

Additional Advice
During the summer a Beach Warden patrols Town Beach who will advise on features within the bay and is a useful first contact point. Alternatively membership of the local boat owners club (the Rhosneigr Boatowners Association) will provide information regarding sailing in the bay and an introduction to members who will be able to assist with problems.

For more information about the Rhosneigr Boatowners Association please click HERE.

Rhosneigr Community Website & visitor Guide
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