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Sea Fishing
There are numerous sites around Rhosneigr for both shore and boat angling, offering many species of fish and plentiful catches...


Both of Rhosneigr's beaches have good access for anglers:

Broad Beach

This is a storm type beach with good fishing at both low and high water. Fishing is 1hr down and 3hrs up and 1hr before high water until 3hrs after high water.

All types of bait work but peeler crab will out fish most others. Lug and Rag will also catch their fair share of fish. Sand eel will catch turbot, flounder and bass.

Use any 12 ft+ rod coupled with a small multiplier loaded with 12 - 15 lb line and either a two hook clipped down rig cast 100 yds+ or a three hook flapper cast approx. 50 yds.

Town (Front) Beach

Similar to Broad Beach although here the river entrance can be fished to catch large flounders and big bass - for the bass use either spinners or sandeels.


A hard beach to fish unless you can get into the "inland sea", where either spinners or sandeels can be used to catch big bass.


Ty Croes

This rock mark is popular with local anglers - many types of fish are caught, inc. bass, cod, whiting, coalfish, pollock, conger, bullhuss, thornback rays, most flat fish and mackerel.

Any fresh bait will work, esp. sand eels, lug, rag, peeler crab or fresh mackerel fillets.

12 - 13 ft rods with a bit of backbone and able to handle larger fish should be used. Fixed spools and multipliers loaded with 20 lb line and 60 lb leaders of about 30 ft will work well - use leads of 5 -6 oz. Casts of 50 - 100 yds will find the fish.

Cable Bay
Similar to Ty Croes - same fish, bait and tackle. The rock marks are below the ancient burial mound. Looking out to sea fish from about 10 - 12 o'clock on a clock face and cast 50 - 80 yds into the bay. Other marks are straight in front and you can fish from some ledges, casting straight out 100 yds or so.

Boat Marks

There are countless marks out from either the beach or boat pool. These are some of the more angler-friendly ones...

Ynys Meibion (Crab Island)

Once clear of the boat pool and surrounding rocks and reefs head on a bearing of SSW until reaching the rocks of Ty Croes firing range. Here you will see a large rock which at high tide is an island. From the end of this rock runs a reef at a bearing of approx. SSW - an echo sounder will find it.

Other reefs run from the rocks of the firing range (again, easily found with an echo sounder).

To fish these marks use feathers or hokies - baited or not is up to the individual. There are cod, pollock, coalfish, whiting and wrasse. If you anchor and use baits you can catch rays, bullhuss, tope, conger, turbot and plaice.

Any rod will do here, but one with some action will give you sport. The new braid lines of about 30 lbs work well, keeping the lead weights to about 5 - 6 oz. Feathers and hockies work well here, as do bottom tackle running leadger or fixed paternoster.

Careg Goch

This is one of the best fishing marks in the area and is found by leaving the boat pool and taking a bearing of SSW for about 3/4 of a mile - it's hard to miss as the tide can be seen pouring over Careg Goch and the water "boils" (it's quite safe for the experienced boat handler however, as long as you take care and don't do anything silly such as anchoring stern first or beam on).

The fishing here can be hectic, with all species showing to both feathers and bait. Use the same tackle as above.

Rhoscolyn Head

From the boat pool steer on a bearing of approx. SSW for about 1/4 mile - this is to clear the rocks and inshore reefs - then steer approx. NNW until reaching the Beacon where you will see the tide boil. Do not go through the middle but skirt around the worst of the tide rip, fishing the edges. The fishing is similar to Careg Goch although the chances of tope in summer are very high if using fish baits.

Tackle as with the other marks with the exception of a 20 - 30 lb rod and line for tope in summer.

The above information is kindly supplied by the Rhosneigr Sea Angling Club, who will shortly have their own website. Once online this will be linked to from here and will have much more information about fishing the S.W. Anglesey area as well as news for members and details of competitions, events, etc..

Any feedback regarding your experiences of angling locally or ideas for the new Rhosneigr S.A.C. site would be welcome. Please email us and we'll pass it on to the Secretary.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is an outline guide only and all directions and distances are approximate. More detailed advice should be sought prior to visiting any of the above locations, particularly those accessible only by boat. Please also remember only to venture out to sea if you have a seaworthy vessel, are experienced at boat handling and have full navigational aids and all the appropriate safety equipment.
No fish is worth losing your life for. Advice from the Coast Guard is free and saves lives - and remember to notify them of your departure time, destination, estimated time at sea and upon your actual return.

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